Chrissy Teigen Expertly Claps Back At Split Rumors

In Touch magazine made a grave mistake on Thursday when it published a photo of Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend with the flashy, and false, headline: "Chrissy & John On The Brink Of Splitting."
To make things even more messed up, today is the couple's anniversary. And if Teigen's recent Twitter posts are any indication, they are happier (and sexier) than ever.
As literally everyone should know by now, if you meddle in Teigen's personal life, she will make it her mission to tear your shit apart. Need proof? Kindly refer to the numerous times she's destroyed the president of the United States on Twitter. If she's not afraid of the leader of the free world, she's sure as hell not scared by a gossip magazine.
Teigen swiftly responded to the baseless "exclusive" by posting a photo of the magazine's cover with the caption: "Oh in touch go fuck yourselves, you exclusively dumb pieces of trash."
She did not come to play games.
Fans absolutely loved Teigen's zero-bullshit response and showed their support through comments like, "Yes, Chrissy you tell em girl" and "You are a national treasure."
In Touch claims that an unnamed source revealed that the couple is in marriage counseling (gasp!) and that they have been fighting non-stop because of Teigen's postpartum depression and her past struggles with alcohol, both of which she has openly discussed.
Whether the couple is in therapy is no one's business, but even if they were, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking productive ways to communicate better within a relationship. The notion that being in therapy is a bad thing is toxic and contributes to the stigma that prevents so many people from utilizing life-changing and life-enhancing resources.
It's refreshing that Teigen is not only standing up for her marriage, but is putting a publication on blast for exploiting important issues such as depression and addiction. I can only hope that she'll continue those candid conversations that have resonated with so many people who are constantly made to feel shameful or alone.
But for now, I just want her to have the best damn anniversary she's ever had while leaving haters in the dust.
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