OkCupid Stands With Planned Parenthood & Now You Can See If Your Matches Do, Too

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The deeply polarizing 2016 election caused couples to split up at record rates due to political differences, and plenty of women (*raises hand*) aren't interested in a relationship with a man who doesn't support Planned Parenthood.
Now, thanks to OkCupid's new Planned Parenthood feature, supporters of the organization won't have to show up to a first date only to learn that their match believes it should be federally defunded.
The online dating company announced this new feature in a statement: "Today, we’re introducing a Planned Parenthood Badge to help our members connect over what’s important to them," the company wrote in a blog post. "The badge will read '#IStandWithPP' and will be prominently displayed on the profile of every OkCupid member who has publicly responded 'no' to the question 'Should the government defund Planned Parenthood?'"
According to OkCupid, over 80 percent of respondents have answered "no" to the question. (There's hope!)
"We are really proud to be on the only dating app that can reflect back what is happening in our communities and what people care about," OkCupid Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Hobley told Glamour. "When we talked to our community and looked at our data, we saw that Planned Parenthood had incredible support. And we saw that it mattered to young women in particular."
Hobley also pointed out that approximately 1 in 5 women visit Planned Parenthood at least once in their lifetime, so the organization is a popular healthcare provider despite the GOP's continued efforts to strip all federal funding.
If this new feature doesn't already have you cheering for OkCupid, there's more: After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, the company announced that it will match every dollar donated to Planned Parenthood up to $50,000.
This isn't the first time OkCupid has taken a political stance. Following the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the site banned a known white supremacist from its service and requested that its members report others.
"We were alerted that white supremacist Chris Cantwell was on OkCupid," the company tweeted on August 17. "Within 10 minutes we banned him for life."
Hobley added that OkCupid will continue to put social and political issues front and center. "We also feel we have a responsibility to our ecosystem to take a stand on particular issues because we have influence," she said. The company is currently looking into other nonprofits to partner with next.

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