Can We Talk About Bill Skarsgård's Celebrity Doppelganger?

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It wasn't long after It hit theaters that the internet was ablaze with talk about the actor behind the creepy clown. Bill Skarsgård doesn't look much like Pennywise in real life — in fact, there are plenty of BuzzFeed articles devoted to Skarsgård's attractiveness. But he does resemble another Hollywood actor, according to Refinery29's very scientific investigation.
It's all in the eyes — just take a closer look at the two actors' eye shapes, side by side. Once you see the resemblance, you can't unsee it.
And during an appearance on TBS' Conan this week, Bill Skarsgård proved he's got the acting chops to make it in Hollywood. He did the Pennywise smile on air, and honestly, it's even creepier without the clown makeup.
Plus, when Skarsgård does the Pennywise smile, sans makeup, the resemblance between him and Steve Buscemi is very noticeable. It's not just the smile — Skarsgård transforms his entire face to become Pennywise. Look at his eyes in the clip below, and you'll see more than a hint of Buscemi (in addition to the creepy clown).
Of course, the Boardwalk Empire star isn't the only person Skarsgård looks like. He's also a member of the Skarsgård family, after all, which means he has a strong resemblance to his brothers, Alexander and Gustaf Skarsgård. (You know Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood and Big Little Lies, and Gustaf Skarsgård from Vikings.) We can only imagine what their family dinners are like — imagine sitting next to Bill making the Pennywise face while you're trying to eat.
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