Why Bella Hadid Defending A Female Paparazzi Photographer Matters So Much

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
Bella Hadid has been busy walking the runways during New York Fashion Week, and it seems like this season has been an eventful one for her. During the Anna Sui show, her big sister Gigi lost one of her platform shoes, and Bella gamely supported her during the runway finale.
Bella also walked for the Michael Kors show, and encountered a bit of a scuffle on the way out. She was being led out the show venue by a security team, who was protecting her from a throng of paparazzi and street style photographers. The Instagram star-turned high fashion model was surrounded by bodyguards attempting to escort her back to a car.
Hadid's bodyguards begin shoving photographers aside. She grabs a security guard and yells, "can you please not touch her?" It's unclear what prompted her to say this — the video's angle is just out of frame — but the guard immediately becomes defensive. He begins shaking his head, while Hadid asks the female photographer (Cris Frakgou, who also freelances for Refinery29) if she is OK. "Don't touch her," she says firmly, and the guard counters by insisting that he didn't touch the woman in question.
Bella Hadid is absolutely no stranger to the paparazzi. Presumably, the guards escorting her out of the show are in her employ to ensure her physical safety from the paparazzi. If Hadid felt the need to speak up, then the situation, from her perspective, could have escalated into assault. Bella understands that her safety should not come at the expense of others. That male bodyguard is a physically bulky, imposing person, and was clearly larger than the female photographer that he shoved out the way. Annoying as the paparazzi may be, we love seeing Bella stand up for another woman who is just trying to do her job.
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