This Guy Just Proved How Much He Really, Really Wants The New iPhone

While everyone was refreshing their feeds or glued to Apple's keynote presentation yesterday, Mazen Kourouche was already a step ahead. Determined to be the first person in the entire world to get an iPhone 8, he camped out in front of a Sydney Apple store days before the announcement even started.
Travel + Leisure reports that Kourouche, a software development student, will spend a total of 10 days in line before the iPhone 8 officially drops on September 22. He's not alone, however: He's enlisted two of his pals to stay with him so that when he has to step out of line to heed the call of nature, he won't lose his primo spot. Kourouche is prepared to weather the 10-day wait, with "food, a tent, a camping chair, and supplies" at the ready.
Naturally, Kourouche's got a YouTube channel and hopes that the attention he's getting with his eager actions will earn him some new subscribers. To that effort, he's already uploaded a video comparing the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X and says that he'll be doing a live unboxing from within the Apple store as soon as he gets his hands on a new phone.
"I had someone ask me if I'd take $50,000 for this position right here," Kourouche told the Daily Mail Australia. "I actually don't know, unless I'm in that situation, but being first may get me 50,000 subscribers, which would get me $50,000 in the long run, so I'm thinking macro rather than micro."
To keep busy during his wait, Kourouche will continue to update his YouTube channel. Last year, he pulled a similar stunt during the release of the iPhone 7, where he was actually third in line. Kourouche notes that the store's staff is generally welcoming and accommodating, letting him use the free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets while he waits out the new handset.
Here's hoping he gets his phone of choice and a slew of new subscribers. Otherwise, this stunt would be for nothing other than that shiny new iPhone. Not too bad of a consolation prize, if you ask us.
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