Alec Baldwin Will Appear As Trump On SNL Premiere

Saturday Night Live is going to have to stock up on the kid's toys and extra-long ties because Alec Baldwin has confirmed he's coming back to the show to have more laughs at Donald Trump's expense.
Baldwin broke the news on Wednesday during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Entertainment Weekly reports.
"The season premiere is Sept. 30. I'm going to do that. I'm going to do a couple of them," Baldwin told DeGeneres. He also teased that his beloved character, which earned him an Emmy nomination, won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
"We're going to do it until...never mind," he said, seemingly implying that the character will be around until Trump is booted from office.
As of now, Baldwin has not disclosed just how often he'll douse himself in orange makeup to make appearances throughout the season. In an interview with CNN back in June, he said that his schedule may not permit as many Saturday night stops this year but that "we're going to fit that in" because "people have enjoyed it."
Baldwin is currently shooting two films, M:I 6 - Mission Impossible and Arctic Justice. He'll also star in the movies Drunk Parents and The Public, both of which are slated to be released later this year.
But just because his impersonations may be more infrequent doesn't mean that he doesn't have plans to keep fans entertained.
The 30 Rock alum also told DeGeneres about his new book, You Can't Spell America Without Me, which he described as "a parody-memoir of Trump's first hundred days in office." The book, which Baldwin wrote with author Kurt Anderson, will be released on Election Day, November 7.
"When you read it, what's weird is that stuff that Kurt wrote six months ago, it's already coming true now," he said.

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