10 Pumpkin Spice Home Products That We Would Actually Buy

Whether or not you're feeling pumpkin-spice fatigue, the obsession with the nostalgia-infused flavor never seems to die down. Far more than a trend, pumpkin spice is as American as apple pie — and it goes way beyond the Starbucks PSL.
However, we reached peak pumpkin spice years ago. You can get pumpkin-spice deodorant, for heaven's sake. That's why it's time to back away from the craze and curate our autumn-scented selections.
Our food team recently rounded up the pumpkin-flavored drinks and snacks actually worth buying, from Dogfish Head Punkin Ale to Williams Sonoma and Georgetown Cupcake Pumpkin Spice Cupcake Mix. (Yes, please, to both of those.) Now, we've put together our favorite pumpkin-spice home products, like candles, soap, and more.
Sure, we love that spicy, jack-o'-lantern-flavored scent in the air. But we're going to be picky about it because we can be. Ahead, the best pumpkin-spice products for the home. (And, yep, there's even a Starbucks-themed one in here for the PSL diehards.)

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