15 Products That Will Cure Your Pumpkin Spice Fatigue

Every August an influx of premature sugary, spicy, and orange-hued edible goods hits us like a rogue wave at the beach: knocking us down and sucking us under into the pumpkin spice product abyss. Amidst this sea of festively-flavored cookies, cakes, muffins, pretzels, popcorn, chips, creamers, yogurts, and many more, we struggle with confusion over what to try and misplaced annoyance over the fact that it's too early for sweater weather food. But it doesn't have to end this way, fall-lovers. Now that it's September, and we can shift our full attention to the season's biggest food trend, it's time to pick out the pumpkin-y winners from the rest of the pumpkin spice fare.
Ahead we rounded up 15 of the best PS-flavored products out there — the ones that we actually love to buy. We've got everything from creamy gelato, pie-bite caramels, pumpkin purée-infused peanut butter, specialty cold brew blends, festive cupcake mix collaborations, and much more included ahead. Click on let all those cozy autumn feels soak right in.

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