Melissa McCarthy's SNL Brilliance Won Her Yet Another Emmy

It's honestly hard to believe that we're only nine months into 2017. Since Donald Trump took office on January 20, it seems like life (well, at least the news cycle) has been moving at a million miles a minute.
During his short time as Commander-in-Chief, Trump has tried, and failed, to distance himself from ties to Russia, embarked on a mission to dismantle seemingly everything President Barack Obama enacted during his eight-year tenure — banning transgender folks from serving in the military and announcing the repeal of DACA are two initiatives that instantly come to mind — and has seen a number of his top officials step down from office.
One of the people who kissed the White House goodbye was former press secretary Sean Spicer, who inspired one of the greatest comedic sketches in Saturday Night Live history. Though he no longer stands behind the official podium, actress extraordinaire Melissa McCarthy has just ensured his memory will live on forever in the form of a shiny gold trophy.
McCarthy, who delighted fans with an angrier, more unhinged version of Spicer on the most recent season of SNL, won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress at the Creative Emmy Awards on Sunday for her top-notch impersonation, Deadline reports.
During her time as Ole Spicey, McCarthy yelled as she rolled through the streets of New York behind her podium, shoved an entire tie into her mouth, chewed more gum than should be humanly possible, used a lot of props to illustrate her points, rocked a wild pair of heels, and punished "reporters" by shooting them with soapy water.
Spicer, who once said that the late-night program's jokes about of him were "just bad" and "inappropriate," resigned from his position in July after Trump announced that Anthony Scaramucci would take over as the White House Communications Director.

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