Emma Stone Had The Best Date To The U.S. Open

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Emma Stone had the best time at the 2017 US Open, and it may have had something to do with her date. Stone brought tennis legend Billie Jean King to the women’s final, who she is portraying in the upcoming film, Battle Of The Sexes, out September 22. It's clear from the photos that we need to find ourselves someone who looks at us like Stone looks at King.
Stone was at the match, which American tennis pro Sloane Stephens won, to pay tribute to King who was celebrating the 50th anniversary of her triple crown win in 1967. That year, King finished first in the women’s singles, women’s doubles, and women’s mixed doubles championship at the U.S. Open.
When ESPN spoke with Stone court side at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, she couldn't help but gush about her seat. “Sitting here at the US Open next to her, hearing her commentary on this sport — she’s so brilliant in so many ways,” Stone said, admitting that she didn't speak much during the match, "I wouldn't want to."
That seems to be a theme of Stone's relationship with King. Stone told Entertainment Weekly that she didn't talk to King when getting ready for the film, which looks at King's 1973 tennis match against Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), who quickly turned it into a battle of the sexes, hence the title. Instead, she watched old footage in hopes of understanding who she was then instead of now. Stone admits it was probably a bit weird for the tennis legend.
"I was a real creep," Stone said. "I still am with her a little bit. If we do an interview or we’re sitting and talking, I find myself just like staring at her and watching how she’s moving all the time — which I don’t need to do any more. But that’s how I relate to her. I’m like her creepy friend now."
King didn't seem to agree, telling ESPN what an honor it was to be played by Stone. “I was shocked and amazed and thankful and blessed… to see how she processes,” King said. “She is the No. 1 actor in the world right now and just to listen to her and how eloquent and how much work she did. She works hard but she’s also really smart and really intelligent. It’s been quite amazing spending time with her. She’s amazing.”
Stone certainly did train hard for the role. Stone's trainer Jason Walsh told Glamour that she "did a lot of weightlifting, tennis, and studied [King's] way of being, physically." By the end of her training, Stone was deadlifting 185 pounds. Clearly that hard work paid off since she's not only coming out of this film with jacked arms but a new friend, too.
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