A New Way To Wear Those Too-Tiny-For-Anything Bags

Even though minibags don't hold really anything — maybe a chapstick, a pack of gum, and a tampon, if you're lucky — they're still everywhere. By now, we've mastered the art of traveling light for the sake of being on-trend. But just when we thought we hadn't it all figured out, Saturday's Creatures of the Wind spring 2018 runway show offered up a refreshing new take on the style.
The bags themselves — a collaboration between the label and one of our favorite essentials brands, Cuyana — were roughly the size of an iPhone Plus and don't look like something we haven't seen before. (This particular shape was popularized by Chloé's mini bracelet bags over the past few years). But how they were styled, though, had us thinking: The long strap usually worn as a crossbody was instead wrapped all the way up the wrist, making the bag look more like a piece of jewelry.
As it turns out, Cuyana founders Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, and Creatures of the Wind designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters actually intend for the bag's adjustable strap to be manipulated and worn around the neck, waist, or on the shoulder — and it's this level of versatility that justifies the bags' $450-$495 price point (that, and the fact that they're crafted in Italy from suede and Napa leather and feature hand-painted edges).
While we have to wait for spring to buy the collaboration, until then, we'll be wearing all of our petite bags wrapped up our arms in style. We know it's been a while since any of us have worn a wristlet, but this is one styling tip we can't wait to try.

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