Tory Burch May Or May Not Have Sent A Fidget Spinner Down The Runway

Any Fashion Week devotee worth their (pink Himalayan) salt knows the event is an opportunity for designers to do something memorable. Each runway show is a chance for designers to send something striking — or shocking — down the catwalk, and this season is no exception. So far, Calvin Klein can claim Kaia Gerber's runway debut — and probably the title of first designer to put that much rubber on the catwalk. Tom Ford welcomed guests to his after party with a fleet of hunky male servers, clad only in boxers and knee-socks. And Tory Burch? Tory Burch, patron designer of the preppy chic set, had fidget spinners.
Please observe — and try not to be too awestruck.

Spinners are life. ⚡️ @toryburch #cutfashionweek ?: @emiliapetrarca

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Obviously, we have some questions. First off: Is this actually a fidget spinner, or is it a high-fashion, geometric pendent necklace that just so happens to resemble the now-iconic object favored by the great, fidgety masses? To be fair, Tory Burch's iconic circular monogram does look suspiciously similar to a fidget spinner. However, upon close inspection (see evidence below), I'd be willing to bet my (monogrammed) ballet flats that that necklace is fully functional.
Look at that clearly aerodynamic pendent! And to style it as a necklace? Iconic. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak 2017.
Now, onto more pressing questions. Is this the beginning of meme culture's expansion to the runway? Hopefully. Is this an official Tory Burch fidget spinner, or was it bought off one of those stands by Grand Central Station in a pre-fashion show rush to add viral potential to the catwalk? Regardless of its origin, Tory Burch's PR has confirmed the necklace is "inspired by a fidget spinner."
And finally, now that a fidget spinner has graced the Cooper Hewitt's Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden, will one be inducted into the design museum's illustrious permanent collection?
For better or for worse, it is an iconic object of our time.

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