We Have Mixed Feelings About This Cocktail-Flavored Popcorn

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Is there a snack more versatile than popcorn? The movie favorite can be reinvented in thousands of ways. Whether it's coated in chocolate and caramel for dessert-y bliss or smothered in bright orange cheese dust, it's hard to go wrong. (Trader Joe's even sells partially-popped kernels for your crunchy needs.)
Or, at least, I thought you couldn't go wrong. I'm still on the fence about this boozy popcorn, which has the potential to either be delicious or a total culinary disaster.
I'm leaning towards the latter, considering U.K. brand Joe & Seph, who sell the cocktail-inspired concoctions, have plenty of loyal followers online. It's also been around for a while: The artisan popcorn brand based in Watford, England launched in the summer of 2014.
Still, I'm a teensy bit skeptical about any popcorn that boasts "gin and tonic" as its flavor profile. How is that a thing that can be translated into a moviegoer's delight?
The popcorn comes in five boozy flavors: the previously mentioned G&T, fruity cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita, and a blend of caramel, macchiato, and whiskey popcorn. The margarita makes the most sense to me, as I've tried margarita-inspired tortilla chips (they mostly taste like chips coated in lime dust, but aren't bad) and could imagine popcorn having the same zesty lime kick. However, it's not just a kick from the lime that you would be getting here: According to Cosmopolitan, this popcorn boasts an ABV of 5%.
This isn't the only snack that could technically get you tipsy. If ice cream is more your thing, NYC's Tipsy Scoop is here to deliver an ice-cold buzz. The one thing better than some boozy popcorn? Sprinkling it atop an already-boozy sundae.
You can order Joe & Seph's snacks online, though be strategic: Cosmopolitan reports shipping will run you $14 on that $5 bag. Still, it's a small price to pay to say that you imbibed via popcorn.
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