Try Forgetting Pennywise The Clown's Unsettling Backstory, Just Try

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While watching the remake of Stephen King's It, you’ll be too busy physically jumping out of your seat to consider the origins of Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård). Instead of wondering what “It” is, you’ll be yelling at Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) to not talk to strangers, and to definitely not put his hand in the sewer.
Only after the movie’s over and your heart has stopped thumping will you start inquiring into the supernatural spine of the movie. It dives right into the present day, and doesn't explain who Pennywise was before he began preying on the children of Derry, Maine, in the year 1989. After his younger brother mysteriously disappears, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) and his friends — the Losers Club, as they call themselves — track down the monster responsible.
Skarsgård, who plays It, said we can expect the sequel to address It's being to a greater extent.
"It’s a different story, but I’m excited to delve in deeper to the character as there’s more exploration for who Pennywise is…And I think that’s what I wanted and that’s where I want to go for the second one, to delve into the psychological and metaphysical spaces of this transdimensional being," Skarsgård told Metro UK.
Before that transdimenional creature takes the spotlight in a sequel, here's what you need to know about the monster's creepy origins before seeing It, out this Friday.
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