A Fan Tried To Send Selena Gomez The Most Disturbing Gift

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images.
We won't mince words: A fan attempted to send Selena Gomez a bouquet of penis-shaped flowers last Friday. According to TMZ, the fan arrived at Gomez's doorstep with a bundle of gifts — none of which, we should say, included a phallic bouquet.
When researching the man, though, police discovered that a nearby flower shop received an order for a penis arrangement earlier that day. The shop owners reportedly called the police when they received the order, and the description of the man who placed it matched that of the man who arrived at Gomez's gate. TMZ reports that the LAPD is now investigating the situation. Allegedly, the singer's security team recognized the man from previous encounters.
This comes on the heels of another attack on Gomez's security. Hackers recently took over the 25-year-old's Instagram account and posted photos of a nude Justin Bieber. (The photos have since been deleted, of course, but Twitter remembers.)
Like many female celebrities, Gomez has also had her life disrupted by a stalker — multiple times, for that matter. In 2015, the pop star moved to avoid an obsessive stalker. Teen Vogue reported at the time that Gomez left behind her new home, which cost around $4.5 million, due to dangerous breaches in security. The stalker first trespassed and burgled the home the year she moved in. Gomez only lived in that home for a year and a half.
Here's hoping the man in question is apprehended quickly, and that penis bouquets stay the silly, sexy, innocuous flora that they are. (And please, if you choose to send a penis bouquet, make sure it's solicited.)
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