This Fancy French Perfume Will Make You Smell Rich

French women are known for their certain je ne sais quoi — an effortless air that follows them as they stand outside Le Bon Marché, with red lipstick marks lingering on a coffee cup and air-dried hair blowing in the wind. They might tell you that bathing in micellar water and skipping your standing blowout appointments will change your life, but it probably won't. All we really need to know is how to capture that same essence... without buying a $300 eau de parfum from a small town in Marseille. Which may be impossible, but luckily, we've found the next best thing: Twilly d'Hermès.
Normally getting your hands on anything from designer brand Hermès requires a loooooong waiting list and months-worth of saving up. But finally, there's something under $100 that can transport you to Le Marais in just one spritz.
And this isn't your normal French perfume with undertones of flowers and baby powder. In fact, it's much lighter — more fun, effortless, and free, like the Parisian women we've always tried to emulate. Twilly d'Hermès takes the allure of Le Labo's Santal 33, but pours in ginger and tuberose for a scent that commands attention. What makes it even better, is that it will only set you back a somewhat affordable $79.
To make you feel even more French, the bottle is decorated in your very own Twilly scarf — a miniature version of the brand's iconic accessory. Tie the rainbow-colored fabric in your hair or around your wrist to feel fancier than you ever have in your life (without actually paying the price).
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