Kesha Just Got The Most Empowering — & Bold — Tattoo

Don’t get us wrong: We love when celebs get dainty new tattoos (we often bookmark them as inspo in Instagram). But Kesha’s fresh ink — the words “live free” boldly emblazoned on the knuckles of eight fingers — is giving us both bad-ass chick envy and major feels.
The singer, who also has a happy face and moon inked below her middle finger, shared her newly-created tatt by L.A. tattoo artist Derrick Snodgrass of Oblivious Surroundings on Instagram yesterday — and did so while rocking a dope rainbow mani that celebrates the recent release of her Rainbow album. According to Billboard, the singer had previously posted another pic of the new ink, in which she noted how meaningful the design was to her, adding “my mom is going to be soooo mad when she sees these ... but maybe not. maaaaaybe she will understand.”
However, Kesha has since deleted the post in favor for one that contains no commentary, just props props to her tattoo artist — and full ownership of the ink itself. Of course we’re exactly not surprised that the Praying singer went with such an empowering message when deciding to further ink her fingers. In an article she recently penned for Refinery29 Kesha talks about her journey of stripping down to what’s real — and the freedom of embracing self love. She wrote:
“I made the decision to take the dollar sign out of my name. I did away with my cynical self-deprecating ‘I don't give a fuck’ attitude and the matching Twitter name @keshasuxx. I let myself be 100% genuine, vulnerable, and honest in my music. I used to be very mean to myself. Rainbow is my letter of encouragement, a promise that I want to start a new dialogue and be more supportive and nicer to myself.”

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Of her album title Rainbow and on the subject of injecting joyful color to her life, Kesha added, “for the past couple of years, color has been symbolic of hope for me. I don't think it is a coincidence that it's also symbolic for the LGBTQ community, a sign of freedom to be yourself and celebrate who you are no matter what anyone else thinks.”
After difficult years, in which the artist has been prevented from releasing music due to legal battles and healing from an eating disorder, we think her new ink — both colorful and honest in its message — couldn’t be more fitting for the ever-evolving pop star.
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