9 Female Film Projects To Fund In September

If you visited a movie theater this summer (and according to the numbers, not many of you did), odds are you watched aliens fire laser guns, buff men fire machine guns, or monsters trample urban centers. We go to blockbusters as bystanders, not as participants. But what if your role in the movie-making process were more active than merely sitting down and eating popcorn?
Instead of buying a ticket, you could invest in the the film itself. You could help change the dismal statistics for women directors in film — women directed only 6% of the 250 top-grossing films in 2016. You'd watch the finished product knowing that you had some hand in making it possible. Thanks to your donation, filmmakers could invest in the many, many cogs of the movie machine, from equipment to actors to editors.
That's where these female-led film projects come in. Each was written, directed, or produced by a woman; by supporting these projects, you're helping to even the cinematic playing field. 2017 is the year of Wonder Woman. Let's make it the year of wonder women. Here are nine fantastic projects to fund, if you have a few bucks to spare.
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