If You Aren't Already Obsessed With Lakeith Stanfield, You Will Be Soon

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I first encountered Lakeith Stanfield in Donald Glover's TV series, Atlanta. He hilariously plays Darius, a wise and imaginative drug dealer who always has something to say. So, when I saw him Get Out, as a man whose body has been stolen and mind replaced, it was like seeing a whole different side of him. Since, he's been in Crown Heights, The Incredible Jessica James, and Death Note, which he proudly proclaims is the worst movie of 2017. Fans agree.
Just like his choice in projects, Lakeith Stanfield is all over the place. He's the physical embodiment of black boy joy. Off-screen, Stanfield can be random and impulsive. Sometimes it's a little too much, like when he accepted the Critic's Choice award for Best Comedy on behalf of Silicon Valley. But since carefree is also his approach to his acting career, it's obviously working out in his favor.
“What I do is I blank out my mind. I have nothing in my head when I step on set,” Stanfield described to Vulture. “I can barely remember my line, and I’m immersed completely in the moment, so whatever happens is gonna happen."
While some celebrities have adopted a quirky personality to feel relatable to their fans, Stanfield uses his authenticity to create distance.
“That’s another reason you have to stay grounded, because if you don’t, then you just begin to do it and become like a little monkey," he explained. "Especially the way my lifestyle is going right now, as things begin accelerating and moving forward, it’s important I understand the things that matter."
"If I lose sight of that," he continues, "then I lose sight of where I’m supposed to be going. And all of a sudden I wake up and I go, What the f*ck is going on?"
Stanfield is a breath of fresh air both in Hollywood, and for the entire country. As the movie industry finally allows actors of color to take on stronger roles, Lakeith Stanfield is at the forefront. We suggest you become obsessed now and save time later. We already can't get enough.
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