This Chat Bot Tells You Exactly Which Products To Use — But There's A Catch

Scalp scrubs, hair mists, even micellar water — the hair aisle is becoming as confusing as a 10 step Korean skin-care routine these days. And while you could always skim online forums or reviews, we've got a life to live. Maybe that's why we were so excited when celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin announced her latest venture: a chat bot on Facebook that allows you to ask personal hair questions on the spot — without having to step foot into an actual store or take a deep dive down Reddit.
We logged on to take her Ouai Hair Quiz in Facebook Messenger and enthusiastically answered each question. What is your condition at the root? Dry. What is your condition at the end? Dry. Is your hair thinning? No. The list went on. When we finished, the algorithm spit out a regimen that was on par with what a hairstylist would probably tell you. For a staffer with dry roots and ends that needed damage repair, it prescribed a repairing shampoo, conditioner, and mask. Solid. For someone with oily roots and dry limp waves, it suggested a volumizing shampoo with a wave-enhancing conditioner on just the mid-lengths and ends and an oral supplement to fight excessive grease. Right on.
But... that's about all it could do. In our wildest dreams, we think we had hoped Jen Atkin (or someone pretending to be her) would be on the other side, comforting us when we burned our hair off with a curling iron, giving specific advice for that weird cowlick at our crown, or offering pointers when we overtrimmed our bangs at home. But when we went off book and started asking non-automated questions, the system melted down thinking we were requesting a return.
So, in the end, maybe it's not the most groundbreaking service — sites like Sephora already have live chats to help you shop. (And those are across different brands). However, it is helpful for those of us who'd like to get a personal regimen with products that Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner swear by. We'll just save our more specific questions for Jen's next Instagram Live — which, luckily, she does often.
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