This Is How We Know This Show Will Become Must-See TV

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Sometimes you just know something is going to rule before you have any details about it. As we look into our crystal ball, we're predicting that Matthew Weiner's new show The Romanoffs, is going to be the must-see TV of 2018. Our suspicions are founded in the crew's pedigrees: According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Romanoffs has hired some of the best people in the business.
You may remember Matthew Weiner's previous television show: Mad Men, or the show that helped usher in the golden age of television we're all so lucky to be living in, and helped elevate TV to the prestigious level of film. For his new show, he's brought back some Mad Men's best talent to work on The Romanoffs. Notably, Christina Hendricks (who played Joan Harris) will be starring on the show, along with fellow Mad Men alum John Slattery (who played Roger Sterling).
While we're stoked on seeing some familiar faces, we're also excited that Weiner has hired more Mad Men behind-the-scenes workers. Costume designer Janie Bryant will be returning, who dressed the Mad Men in the iconic outfits were remember today. Chris Manley will also be coming back at director of photography, so we bet the show will look dazzling. "It's an honor to be working with these exceptional storytellers and collaborators — many of whom I know from Mad Men — and all of whom are wonderful artists with incredible vision," Weiner told THR, and we can't wait to see the fruits of their labor.
The Romanoffs is described as a show based in the modern day, based on people who believe they are descended from Russia's now-defunct royal family line.
Streaming has changed the way we watch TV these days. With many millennials eschewing cable, which can be expensive and cumbersome, they're increasing turning to their laptops to catch the latest prestige television show. Taste in TV also can be a deal breaker between millennial couples, which makes sense — we probably wouldn't date anyone that thinks they're edgy because they don't watch Game of Thrones. HBO has introduced HBO Now to sate viewers' desire for a standalone channel, and media companies like Netflix and Amazon have invested in heavily in original TV programming.
The Romanoffs is looking like the first streaming show featuring a heavily prestige crew, and we're excited to see what magic they'll bring to the laptop screen next year. The show will be streaming exclusively on Amazon.
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