Taylor Swift Loves Playing The Villain & Her Tumblr Is Proof

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The video for "Look What You Made Me Do," Taylor Swift's latest single, has been out for less than 24 hours. But in that brief amount of time, fans have analyzed every detail of the video, from the many iterations of Taylors past to the names written on the "You Belong with Me"-era Swift's shirt.
But while most of us were busy analyzing every scene of the new video, we weren't watching Swift's social media activity. Fortunately, BuzzFeed writer Ryan Schocket was watching Swift's Tumblr for clues, and he found some pretty interesting tidbits.
It looks like Taylor Swift is liking Tumblr memes and praise for "Look What You Made Me Do." In particular, she seems to be relishing comments lauding her video's meta-commentary about her past.
Swift also apparently liked a post promoting this theory, from Tumblr user outoftheswoods:
"I can’t help but think if that Taylor on the plane behind all the other Taylors represents the actual Taylor? Like she created all the different archetypes for each era, but her real self is someone who isn’t portrayed 100% on the media and is forced into the background?"
Reactions to the song and video have been mixed, but it looks like Swift is having fun with her music comeback. She also liked this very detailed analysis of the "Look What You Made Me Do" video:
And according to Schocket, Swift also liked this post about the misogynistic criticisms Swift's endured over the years.
If you're considering weighing in about the new video on social media, just know that there's a good chance Swift will actually see your post. (Who knows — maybe you'll even get a "like," too.)
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