Glitter Tongues Are Proof The Glitter Instagram Trend Has Gone Too Far

In case you were running out of places to put glitter on, here's a new suggestion: your tongue.
Glittery tongues have been taking over Instagram, Allure reports, and along with butt glitter and boob glitter, this is one of the more questionable trends we've seen. It definitely makes your face stand out, but it also looks messy...and possibly painful.
If you're wondering how anyone came up with this idea, it was actually an accident. When makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic was putting glitter on her lips, some spilled on to her tongue. So she figured, why not just leave it there and add more?
There are actually a few good reasons why not, like the possibility that it could make eating and talking a challenge. And you'd need to make sure any glitter you put inside your mouth is free from toxic ingredients. "Eating small amounts of glitter, which are made of tiny plastic pieces, every once in a while isn't harmful, but there's always risks with anything. In this case, a stomachache," makeup artist Andrea Whittle told Bustle. Apparently, though, edible glitter is a thing you can use as an alternative. Lit Cosmetics also sells glitter you can safety consume.
It also looks like getting glitter stuck in your teeth is a potential risk.
Or generally getting it all over your face. All the glitter that flies off could become a hassle to clean up, and whatever does stick on your tongue could be cumbersome to scrub off.

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But if you can get past that, it does make for an eye-catching photo.

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Between this and people putting glitter in their vaginas, the glitter trend has gone further than we thought. (But at least tongue glitter won't cause yeast infections.)

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