Season 4 Of BoJack Horseman Will Bring Laughs & Emotional Devastation

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Where on earth is BoJack Horseman? That might not nearly be as important of a question as what everyone else in his life has been doing during his three-month absence.
As the new trailer for season 4 of Netflix's BoJack Horseman reveals, lots of things are in flux, including Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's relationship, Todd's career (two words rarely strung together), and Princess Caroline's decision to have a family.
The new trailer, narrated by Alison Brie's perpetually-lost Diane, fills the MIA BoJack in on all the details he's missed, while clearly trying not to admit how much she's missed the one-time sitcom star.
Diane and BoJack have always had a special, if also complicated, relationship, and with Diane's relationship with Mr. Peanutbutter perpetually on the fritz, season 4 might be the time they finally figure out what it is that they have. (If Diane can ever find BoJack, of course.)
The new trailer shows Diane losing her cool and smashing her computer — perhaps over her infrequently-read blog? — but soon cuts to a particularly scary altercation between Diane and her hubby, the typically friendly Mr. Peanutbutter. Why is Mr. Peanutbutter pinning Diane against a wall and growling in her face?!? For a comedy, BoJack Horseman is never afraid to get real — and a scary domestic dispute between two characters we actually like seems like the exact thing that would the show would do to push the emotional envelope.
And push it, it does. In the season 3 finale, BoJack has an existential crisis after a young actor declares that she wants to be just like him growing up — unaware that "just like him" usually means lonely, miserable, and unsatisfied. It's also the show that, in the same season, showed BoJack's onscreen daughter, Sarah-Lynn, die of complications due to drug and alcohol addiction.
Yes, the animated series certainly gets dark — and, as the trailer shows, season 4 will likely be no exception. However, BoJack Horseman is also one of the funniest shows that streaming has to offer, thanks to its irreverent humor and all-too-accurate parodies of life in Hollywoo. (BoJack stole the "D" from the Hollywood sign, hence the name change.) The new trailer promises clown dentists, Todd participating in a "Sharc Jacobs" fashion show, and Mr. Peanutbutter running for governor under the platform of both "facts, and also feelings."
Basically, it's more of the same from BoJack. And if you're already watching, you know that's exactly how it should be.

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