Apparently Taylor Swift’s Lyrics Are Hidden In This Greeting Card

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Is this what it's come to? Taylor Swift has been playing mindgames with us since last Friday. Every moment since then has been filled with anticipation. Is it a single? An album? Is there a Katy Perry diss track? A Kim Kardashian-West one? The questions are driving fans crazy. So, there's honestly no telling if this new theory is plausible.
On August 18th (a date that will henceforth be known as "T-S Day") at 11 am, Taylor Swift had a full media blackout. Nothing on her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. A few stealthy fans noticed that at the same exact time, American Greetings, a card company, posted this photo. Swift has collaborated with American Greetings on cards with her lyrics on them since her Fearless album.
"It feels like we crossed paths at exactly the right time and place," sounds like a Taylor Swift lyric, doesn't it? A Google search for the phrase comes up negative, meaning it's possible this is a lyric from Taylor Swift's sixth album. Seventeen Magazine points out that the quote has exactly 13 words. Everyone knows Swift's lucky number is 13.
Additionally, the potential lyric has the word "time" in it. has a page saying "Timeless" is an upcoming Taylor Swift single and is a registered domain that says something is "Coming soon." Way back in July, one fan figured out that her new album would have something to do with time. Things are starting to add up!
The Facebook photo might seem harmless if not for one tiny (huge), little (gigantic) thing.
Taylor Swift 'liked' American Greetings on Facebook during the media blackout!
That could've been an assistant or anyone else tied to the singer, but, either way, it feels deliberate. Why would someone go out of their way to use an account that's basically dormant? To torment and tease us, that's why.
These fan theories are getting increasingly convincing and we can feel ourselves getting lost in them. After all this hard work, Swift announced that her album Reputation will debut on November 10th. Only time will tell if this greeting card lyric made it in.
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