Robert Pattinson Spent Fake Money He Got From A Film Set

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Robert Pattinson, counterfeit criminal? Err, technically, yeah.
According to a new interview with Good Time co-directors Josh and Benny Safdie, Pattinson once spent fake money the movie was using in a bank robbery scene, and totally got away with it.
I think it's fair to say that the Twilight star isn't hurting for cash, but he did inadvertently borrow some from production. The reason? According to the Safdie brothers' interview with Vulture, the actor tried to stay in his character Connie's head as long as possible in between takes — which led to him handing out fake money without even thinking about what he was spending.
"He was so obsessed with being the character all the time that he would go on walks on breaks in the costume and he came to me and said, 'I think I committed a federal crime. I'm pretty sure I spent a few hundred dollars of that counterfeit money,'" Josh told Vulture during a behind-the-scenes interview for Good Time.
"It literally looked like real money," Ben added.
"It was so realistic!," said Josh. "Our props guy was really, really, really obsessive about making sure it looked up to our standards."
Spending fake cash may be a crime (umm, so hopefully the police don't catch up with Pattinson the way they do the characters in Good Time) but it wasn't the only way that the actor got into the role. The Remember Me star told The Hollywood Reporter that finding Connie's voice was a major part of becoming the character:
"I've always really liked figuring out what the voice of a character is," he told The Hollywood Reporter of adapting a Queens accent. "An accent is not just from the place. There's a reason someone speaks like that. You can almost tell what the area is like because of the accent and from what the area is like you can tell how they grew up — it's kind of like reverse-engineering a character."
Keep up the voice work, RPatz, but maybe clear the pockets of your costume next time you're on a shopping spree.

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