The Best Celeb Twitter Reactions To Steve Bannon's Ousting

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As of today, Steve Bannon is out of the White House. The now-former chief strategist will no longer be advising President Trump, which is somewhat heartening for those of us who care about immigrants. Note that I said "somewhat:" the President still shares Bannon's hateful views, and is happy to espouse them at great detriment to our country. These views aren't just unpopular among Americans, they are dangerous.
But, for now, let's take the very few bits of good news where we can. In 2017, we all need some levity, and celebs turned out on Twitter to rejoice the end of the Breitbart magnate who looks like "sweaty meat." At least we won't have to stare at his face on our timelines anymore.
Kumail Nanjiani has been thinking the same thing as all of us.
Senator Bernie Sanders, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Alyssa Milano drop some truth bombs, and refocus the discussion back to Trump's pernicious policies.
Margaret Cho is just as bummed as the rest of us that Rosie never played Bannon on SNL.
Garbage, channeling all our teen rage, has never been a band who minced words.
Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore makes a salient, if improbable point.
Jake Fogelnest, creator of Wet Hot American Summer, knows a downed screenwriter when he sees one.
But the best #SteveBannonIsOverParty tweet goes to Stephen Colbert, who crafted this masterful joke that has us briefly feeling like the world isn't a total mess in 2017. We can think of some more "racist monuments" that need to go.
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