More Than Half Of Parents Say They'd Support A Transgender Kid

From the rollback of the transgender bathroom bill to Trump's attempt to ban trans people from the military because they're a "distraction," it's been an incredibly discouraging stretch for the trans community. But some positive news has finally emerged: A new study found that over half of American parents would support their teen's request to transition.
The study, which was conducted online between June 20 and June 22, asked 2,192 adults aged 18 or older their views on having a transgender child. Fifty-three percent of the participants responded that they'd support their trans child.
There's one major caveat here: This was a very small study, so it doesn't necessarily represent the views of parents across the entire country.
However, it is an encouraging sign that acceptance of trans individuals is growing. Furthermore, it's important because a parent's response to their child's transition is key to their mental health.
Stephanie Gonot
"Parents have a significant role in raising transgender kids," Dr. Laura Arrowsmith, who works at a trans clinic in Oklahoma, told PR News Wire. "Once they get on board — often after stages of denial, rejection, condemnation, and grief —they become powerful advocates at school and with extended family. This is crucial to the child’s well-being."
Transgender teens and adults are at a greater risk of homelessness and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety than the general population. The new study suggests that trans people who are rejected by their families are at greater risk than their peers who receive familial support.
Although the study's sample size was small and it's too soon to apply this statistic to the entire country, it's a positive sign that trans acceptance is moving in the right direction.

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