This Game Of Thrones-Themed Dinner Will Give You Plenty Of Inspo For Next Sunday

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Yesterday, when most of us were gearing up to see if Jamie Lannister was still alive, a Reddit user named makenna1636 was busy putting together an impressive Game Of Thrones-themed dinner. Lucky for us, the user shared a photo of the spread on Reddit and explained that the dinner was in honor of the user’s brother’s last night of watching GOT at home before leaving for college. Isn't that just the sweetest sibling moment you've heard about since Sansa and Arya were reunited last week?
The Redditor set out seven dishes on a coffee table in front of the TV so as to be enjoyed during last night’s exciting episode. Each dish was inspired by a different character or object from the show, and most were given a punny name. For example, the name Chips and Sansa was given to the a large bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. Also accompanying the chips was a cheese dip called Molten Gold Crown Dip, an unexpected and clever throw back to Viserys Targaryen's death in season one.
Despite all the disgusting food moments that have gone down on Game of Thrones, this menu was mostly made of tasty dishes like Chicken Little Fingers and Lannister Gold, which were just chocolate coins. However, there were a couple dishes that toed the gross-out line. For instance, makenna1636 put out an unidentifiable dish called Ned's Head that we're a little wary of. Check out the full spread below.
With Game of Thrones' seventh season quickly approaching, we might just have to follow this user's lead by planning our own GOT-themed dinners in honor of the finale. It's an especially good time to celebrate the show since after this season, we might not get another episode until 2019.

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