8 Times Game Of Thrones Really Grossed Us Out

Photo: Courtesy of Game Of Thrones.
Explaining Game Of Thrones to friends that don't watch is still difficult, even seven seasons in. "So wait... it's set in a fictional land that's more or less caught in constant war, your favorite characters regularly die on screen, and even in a happier episode some unknown extra will likely suffer some horrible fate? And it's also your favorite show on television?"
Westeros certainly isn't for the light of heart — and that includes the food. We're only three episodes in to the current season, and already we've had to advert our eyes more than once (and even scream in shock) at several shots that include meals.
In fact, most food on the show (with the exception of Hot Pie's inn) exists on a spectrum from "not so great" to "wincingly awful." Edd's apology to Sansa when she first arrives at the Wall ("Sorry about the food. It's not what we're known for.") might as well apply to all the seven kingdoms. Nonetheless, some horrific moments are definitely standouts. So without further ado, here are the top eight grossest, cringe-worthy, and downright disgusting food moments in a show that already keeps the bar on freaking out viewers pretty high.

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