Nick Lachey Just Gave Us Some 98 Degrees Nostalgia With A Hilarious Meme Of Himself

Nick Lachey set the world aflame when he and his beloved boy band, 98 Degrees, hit the music scene in the late '90s. Between the silky vocals and the fun choreography — not to mention Lachey's love connection with Jessica Simpson — fans everywhere simply couldn't get enough of the tribal-tattooed quartet.
Though the group may no longer receive the same amount of buzz that they did back in their heyday, there is one way that former fans lovingly keep the guys in their thoughts every summer: by sharing memes on hotter-than-Hades days.
The joke, it turns out, isn't lost on Lachey, who E! News reports took to his Instagram page on Thursday to share a truly hilarious side-by-side picture of himself with the caption: "Today's forecast."

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On the left, Lachey posted a photo of his younger self showing off his 98 Degrees sun tattoo, which sat a couple of inches above a tribal band on his bicep. To the right, the singer pointed to a now filled-in sun with some updated shading. Below the photos, he included: "How hot is it? Hell if I know, but it sure is sunny..."
Lachey, who's now 43, looks just as good as he did in his 20s. For one, he's no longer rocking the frosted tips, which is a big plus, and he's traded in the gold chain for a silver dog tag.
Though he's spending substantially less time in the studio, Lachey has been keeping himself busy over the past few years. Since marrying his wife, Vanessa, in 2011, he's become the father of three youngsters, with the latest addition to the family joining this past December.
"You have three, and then you realize: we're truly outnumbered now," he told E! News earlier this year. "It's such a blast to be at home with them and see the way they interact with each other."
We don't know if we'd call Lachey's newfound meme affinity dad humor, but whatever it is, we are so down for more of it.

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