People Are Confused Over This Adam Levine Picture

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Behati Prinsloo's husband, Adam Levine, posted a photo of a long lost "Uncle Shalom" back in the 70's and no one on the internet can make heads or tails of it.
If Levine is really just pranking his 15 million followers, it has to be the easiest, yet most convincing prank ever pulled. Doesn't he have an infant and supermodel wife to be hanging out with? Where's Maroon Five to keep him from this Twitter nonsense? Check the photo out for yourself and tell us whether or not he's serious.
This is just a testament to the wonders of a barber and a big pair of sunglasses, right? The 38-year-old star has an 11-month-old baby girl and has probably forgone grooming for supervising tummy time. From where I stand, Levine popped this photo into one of Twitter's filters and thought to make a funny joke about it. Well, 'funny' is relative. Still, most fans are having fun playing along.
Even the Israeli Embassy in the United States got in on the fun. That's normal!
Behati Prinsloo has already confessed that Levine is great dad. There's no doubt that his silly sense of humor factors into that. Is there some sort of dad joke hormone that gets released once a man has a kid? It's definitely coursing through Levine's veins. His daughter, Dusty Rose, is going to love Levine's playfulness as she gets older. Then, hate it once she's a cool teenager and eventually learn to tolerate it. In the meantime, I guess, we'll always wonder what was going on with good ol' Uncle Shalom.
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