Donatella Versace, Model Whisperer, Lip Syncs For Her Life To Bruno Mars

Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images.
Disclaimer: If you don't watch RuPaul's Drag Race, then chances are you probably won't understand most of the lingo of this post. But, we'll try to link out as much as we can.
While you were sleeping, Donatella Versace filmed a music video to Bruno Mars' groovy "Versace On The Floor." The designer, whose family basically invented the phrase "model squad," can be seen for a blip of a second while her loyal army of men and women lip sync and roll around on the floor beneath her. Since there's no official music video for the jam just yet, it seems that Versace took it upon herself to provide one. While we wouldn't necessarily dub this the follow up to her Ice Bucket Challenge, it is indeed worth a gratuitous watch.
So while you do that, we're going to continue to digest this questionably epic moment and sort of just jot down our thoughts. You'll have to bear with us because it's only Tuesday, and a Donatella appearance — especially one as unannounced as this — is not to go ignored. Between us squirrel friends (that's a RPDR reference), let's just say we've not seen a lip sync like this since the Trinity Taylor versus Charlie Hides battle. Or even Valentina!
Firstly, we're not really sure why this video exists. But we're pretty glad it does. Next.
Secondly, frickin' Candice Swanepoel and Natasha Poly are in it. Every diva needs her back-up dancers.
Thirdly, to the guy (literally) on the floor: Sashay, you stay.
Fourthly, five whole seconds of Swanepoel and Poly getting every bit of their ridiculous lives (and then some).
Fifthly, a quick shot of Donatella being like, "Look at all of my models!" And then the models are just like, "Mhm, yep!"
Sixthly, we're seeing a lot of sparkle-ography in this minute-long spot (that's sparkle choreography, in case you missed it). Is this what Heaven looks like?
Seventhly, Was that a tongue pop?
Eighthly, the designer signs off with a note to her dear friend Bruno Mars. "To my friend, Bruno Mars. Have fun!" We're not really sure where he's going, but man, we hope enjoys it.
At the time of publishing, the unlisted video has currently racked up all of two comments, one that reads "that's one minute of my life I can't get back. you know how someone can't sing or move in time with music? that's them" — which is totally something Michelle Visage would say — and another, "Rich people have to much time on their hands." Donatella, you may be rich, but you are also fun to watch.
And in the world of Drag Race, we've no doubt in our minds that you'd take home the $100,000, the lifetime supply of Nyx Cosmetics, and the title of America's Next Designer Superstar. Because hey, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? So yeah, we'd say it's a viral hit. Now can we get an amen?

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