There's Going To Be Major Peter Drama On Tonight's Bachelorette Finale

Photo: George Burns/ABC.
This is one of the most heartbreaking sneak peeks this season. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and one of her top three contestants, Peter Kraus, have a hard conversation in this week's sneak peek. We already know that Peter has his reservations about proposing at the end of this, but he makes it clear that he has no reservations about her.
He tells Lindsay, "I want to build a relationship with you — when I feel like it is the correct time," and adds that he doesn't feel that tomorrow (the last day of filming when the men are supposed to propose) is the right time.
Lindsay, ever the straight shooter, replies, "Exactly. Then, don't do it." Either she's super confident or she isn't that upset about losing Kraus.
He picks up on that and says, "But I think you are the correct person."
Cue the tears. It sucks because if this were any other situation, Kraus and Lindsay could take the time Kraus needs. But based on the sneak peek, that isn't what Lindsay wants.
“I don’t know how many times to say it,” Lindsay says through tears. “I just want somebody who wants what I want and then wants that with me.”
Another terrible aspect of The Bachelorette is that Lindsay can't admit who she really wants to be with until the very end. That means all of Kraus' fears and insecurities about the relationship can't be fixed.
“Do you know for a fact right here and now that I’m the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?” he asks her.
She can't answer. It's not that she doesn't want to, presumably. Lindsay takes a quick look at the producers behind the cameras and sticks to her guns. She cracks a little smile here, but it's unclear if that's just from sheer absurdity.
More tears. Even Kraus breaks down crying, saying, “We’re not breaking up. What is wrong with me?” Now, I'm crying. It's a mess.
Say what you want about The Bachelorette, but this is such compelling TV. Hopefully, both of them end up happy. We'll all find out soon during the season finale of The Bachelorette, airing August 7 at 8 p.m.
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