We Have Complicated Feelings About The New Peanut Butter & Jelly Oreos

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There may be no wrong way to eat an Oreo, but that doesn't mean we have to worship every flavor that Nabisco puts on supermarket shelves.
Peanut butter and jelly Oreos may be headed our way, and I already have complicated feelings about the sweet treat.
The alleged new flavor comes courtesy of Instagram account @JunkBanter, which shares all the snack news that is fit to post. According to the account, which seemingly has a photo of the new packaging, the latest Oreo flavor will be a vanilla cookie with both peanut butter and jelly-flavored frosting, swirled together as the toppings are on a good ole' fashion PB&J. It's just, you know, in the middle of a cookie instead of two slices of white bread.
"Woke up to some porn in my inbox today. New PB&J Oreos! This has long been a dream flavor for me and is the perfect release for back-to-school season (peep that chalkboard math on the package)," wrote @JunkBanter.
The post also included where to snag these cookies:
"My intel suggests they're exclusive to Kroger stores, which makes sense since Kroger got an exclusive last August too (the awful Swedish Fish). These will be on shelves as soon as today."
In theory, I should be excited for this flavor: I'm a huge fan of the classic sandwich, and peanut butter is definitely one of my top five favorite cookie flavors. What's tripping me up in this case is the jelly frosting. As someone who tried one of those not-so-great Swedish Fish cookies, I'm worried we'll be faced with the same artificial fruit punch flavoring. (Blech.) Would a strawberry-flavored cookie with a peanut butter center been so complicated?!
While Cookie Butter Oreos and Choco Chip Oreos seem to have universal appeal, people have mixed reactions to the PB&J variety.
"Why has this idea taken so long!!!!," wrote one food fan.
"..oh no...looks terrible...you are crazy," argued another.
"yeah I'm going to need those," said a third.
The jury may be out on this Oreo flavor, but as long as it tastes nothing like the Swedish Fish variety, I'm happy to taste test.

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