Serena William's Fiancé Is Convinced Their Baby Is A Girl For This Amazing Reason

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Serena Williams is an amazingly strong woman — her tennis skills are insane and her positivity is radiant. So, it only makes sense that her child with Alexis Ohanian would inherit some of those traits. According to Ohanian, it's Williams' endurance that ensures the gender of their baby. And if we throw away all preconceived notions of gender stereotypes, that obviously means they're having a girl.
Ohanian hopes, at least. While it isn't confirmed what gender these two are having yet, Ohanian feels pretty confident. The Reddit co-founder stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his future.
The tennis champ and her fiancé have decided to go the traditional route and not find out the gender of their baby until the day they arrive. That alone takes a lot of bravery. But Ohanian admitted "We have our hunches.”
“Obviously she won the Australian Open while pregnant," he went on. "She remarked that she feels like it has to be a girl because everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take on.”
Truer words have never been spoken. Most of us can't even consider a workout like Williams' intense tennis matches, their child handles it like a pro. It's in their blood. Literally.
Ohanian couldn't stop gushing about how amazed he is by pregnancy. He recognizes the sacrifices women have to make.
“This is our first child," he said. "If anything, though, it’s really just reinforced how just amazing and strong and powerful and awesome women are and how useless we are during this whole thing. I’m like, ‘I can make you a grilled cheese.’ Does this help? We’re worthless."
How sweet! I wouldn't say worthless, though. Someone has to make the grilled cheeses.
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