This Hotline Is Here To Solve All Your Self-Tanning Problems

Photo: Courtesy of Tan-Luxe.
Like many beauty products, self-tanners come with a lot of questions. What shade should I use? Will this stain my bed sheets? What's the difference between a lotion, mousse, and balm? How the hell am I supposed to apply a self-tanning sheet mask?! Luckily, you no longer have to wonder, because innovative beauty brand Tan-Luxe just introduced the Tan-Line.
That's right: It's a hotline that's dedicated to all your burning self-tanning questions, available 24/7. For those of you who were born after 1996, hotlines were all the rage in the '80s and '90s serving as anonymous call centers for everything from sex to relationship advice. (It even inspired one noteworthy R&B single — you know the one.) These days, these kinds of phone lines are used primarily for emergencies, but Tan-Luxe is offering a new 1-800 number of sorts so you never have to mess up your self-tanner again.
While Tan-Luxe is the brand behind the helpful service, the questions don't have to be limited to the company's colorless products (yes, colorless tanner exists and is just as marvelous as it sounds). When we asked Tan-Luxe founder Marc Elrick why he felt compelled to start a hotline, he tells us it was "to eliminate the drama of at-home tanning. We wanted to create a safe space where anyone can call in for self-tanning help regardless of what brand or product they're using."
So from now until September 4, you'll be able to dial up the number 1-833-TAN-LUXE before you pop open a fresh bottle of tanner. Like Elrick says, "We don't judge — we are totally impartial, just here to help you look your best."
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