Busy Philipps Just Told The Funniest Story About Matthew McConaughey

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A long, long time ago in 2006, Busy Philipps was casually hanging out with Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams before the Academy Awards — the latter two were nominated for their roles in Brokeback Mountain. Then, because their star power wasn't quite blinding enough, Matthew McConaughey came up to them and accidentally gave Philipps a nickname she'll never live down.
Fast forward 11 short years later, Busy Philipps co-hosted Live With Kelly and Ryan with Ryan Seacrest and the guest was, of course, Matthew McConaughey. Like the total professional she is, Philipps didn't mention the first time she met McConaughey on the air, but took to Instagram Tuesday to share the story. And thank goodness she did.

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"Years ago, at a pre-Oscar party when Heath and Michelle were both nominated for Brokeback, Matthew McConaughey came up to congratulate them and we were introduced," Philipps wrote in an Instagram caption. "He talked with us for about 10 mins and when he left he said, 'Heath, Michelle, congratulations and best of luck to you this weekend. Marc, it was nice to meet you. WHIMSY, it was a pleasure!'"
Matthew McConaughey totally thought Busy Philipps' name was Whimsy! To be fair, out of all things that rhyme with "busy," she's probably lucky to get stuck with "whimsy." It's also hilarious that that's his first assumption. "Lizzie" didn't come to mind, McConaughey?
Philipps totally didn't mind. She continued: "We obviously didn't correct him 'cause who cares?! He's Matthew McConaughey! He can call me whatever he wants! But we all just about died."
Even though it wasn't the meet-cute of the century, at least Philipps now has a fantastic anecdote about the star. Not to mention, an adorable nickname.
"And Michelle to this DAY sometimes calls me Whimsy. And it always makes us laugh," she wrote before adding three crying laughing emojis and "Also. He's so hot."
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