Members Of The Royal Family Are Required To Pack A Spare Outfit For This Morbid Reason

Whenever the Royal Family travels abroad, plenty of us wait with bated breath to see every single look worn by Kate Middleton. Although it seems like the role of "style icon" comes to her naturally, the entire Royal Family adheres to a strict list of wardrobe rules and one of them is pretty morbid.
When any member of the Royal Family travels to another country, he or she is required to pack a black ensemble appropriate for mourning, according to The Independent. The rule is in place in case anyone in the family dies while they're away.
In the event of a death in the family, they change into their mourning attire and arrive in England wearing clothes that match the somber mood of the country.
Robin Utrecht/Pool/Getty Images
Viewers of The Crown may recall a scene when the Queen learned of her father's death while she was traveling in Kenya with Prince Philip.
Because she hadn't brought a black dress on the trip, the Queen had to wait on the plane until one was delivered. It was unthinkable for her to appear in public unless she was wearing the appropriate mourning attire. This scene was historically accurate and now packing a black outfit is now a compulsory rule for all members of the Royal Family.

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