A Canadian Farm Is Offering Dance Classes With Alpacas

People do all sorts of things to get themselves excited to work out, but there's nothing that gets you up and going quite like exercising with animals. From yoga with goats to squats with dogs, the ability to pet some furry friends after (or even during) a workout sesh is a great incentive. So, we're not even surprised to see a more obscure species finding its way into workout classes: 313 Farms in Manitoba, Canada is offering dance lessons with alpacas this summer, Travel & Leisure reports.
At AlpacaZone Dance & Fitness, you can sign up for hip hop, pilates, barre, mommy & me classes, and more conventional dance lessons. The less conventional part is that they're all held outdoors and have names like "Mommy, The Alpacas, & Me," "Camelid Cardio," "Paca Pilates," "Poppin' Pacas," and "AlpacaFit Boot Camp." And then there's the fact that there are alpacas roaming around to get pets, food, and love as the visitors jump around. After the 45-minute classes, dancers are rewarded with 15-minute alpaca visits.
"Moms, dads, little ones come out and just learn about music and about animals. You get outside and get away from the TV and get a little workout at the same time," 311 Farms' Ann Patman told Globe News. "The people who have been here really like it. They love the interaction with the alpacas, they love that they’re so friendly. They’re good with the little kids — yah, people like it."
From the looks of the farm's website, there are nine alpacas residing there. One, named Woodward, likes to roll around on the ground to the beat of Psy's "Gangnam Style." The animals also strut along to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy."
313 Farms sounds like a paradise for alpacas and people who love them. It was recently home to an alpaca pool party.
They even get to go on field trips and meet friends from other farms.
311 Farms originally began as a supplier of alpaca manure, Modern Farmer reports. But it appears these animals are good for so much more — and truly have personalities of their own.

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