Apparently, Llamas Are The New Unicorns

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Last month, Chrissy Teigen told Refinery29 that after having a kid, she became obsessed with llamas. "Before I was a mom I would have never known the fascination with llamas and giraffes and anything with floppy ears or anything with a squishy nose. There are just certain things that they take to and really love," she said. Tiegen and her daughter Luna love llamas, but it turns out, the adorable animals aren't just a fascination for children and their moms. According to Pinterest, llamas are having a major moment. Llamas may even finally dethrone unicorns as the trendiest cutesy creature around.
Recent data from Pinterest shows that saves for "llama décor" are up 1,094% year over year. Pinterest users are currently coveting home items like llama bed sheets, llama throw pillows, and llama lamps. The pieces come from popular retailers like West Elm, ModCloth, and Anthropologie.
Just like with the unicorn trend, llamas aren't just showing up on home décor items. They're also becoming a popular food theme. Unicorn cakes with their fondant horns have long been the top choice for birthday parties, but let's face it, they're a little played out. Pinterest proves the cool new thing is llama cakes, and a flood of Instagram photos back that up. The site also reports that cookies are getting the llama treatment, as are several kitchen essentials like wine glasses, chip clips, and coffee mugs.
Clearly Chrissy Teigen and Luna were on to something. Based on Pinterest information and Instagram photos, it's probably safe to say that llamas are officially the new unicorns. Honestly, we're just relieved a new trend was finally able to take unicorns down a peg. It's just a bonus that something happens to be super cute and fluffy.

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