Your Favorite Rom-Com Is Getting Its Own Perfume

You could say my real-life relationships are similar to the kind you see in the movies — they are grand, dramatic, and very emotional. Case and point: I somehow convinced my then-boyfriend to take me to Serendipity 3 in NYC three years in a row (we lived in Connecticut) for our anniversary, all because I loved the romantic-comedy Serendipity.
He was nice enough to indulge me, waiting in line for two hours each time just so I could sit at the exact table in the film and drink the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Ironically, the whole thing was the opposite of serendipitous, but I didn't care. The pink-coated walls and Wonderland ambience was enough to have me hooked. Instead of falling in love with the boy sitting across from me, I fell in love with the restaurant. Of course, I couldn't go to Serendipity 3 every single day — my bank account just wouldn't allow it — so luckily I've recently discovered a temporary stand-in: the restaurant's fragrance.
That's right: The spot known for its $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae dropped something even more decadent called Serendipitous. As expected, the perfume is almost nauseatingly sweet with notes of chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, and orange blossom to mimic the desserts on the menu. It's not heady or musky and won't allure your latest Bumble date back up to your apartment after a round of margaritas, but it will satisfy your sweet tooth.
The odds of John Cusack showing up at your door are low, so we suggest picking up this saccharine scent instead. Spritz it in the air, breathe deeply, and count the days until you can make your way to the cozy spot off 2nd.
Serendipity 3 Serendipitous Eau de Parfum, $45, available at Amazon.
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