Bachelor In Paradise Is Coming Back With A Lot More Rules & Regulations

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Bachelor Nation already knew that Bachelor in Paradise is coming back in just a few weeks, but fans might be tuning into a very different show. According to E! News, cast member Vinny Ventiera says that the production team is coming down hard with new rules after what happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson earlier this summer.
Fans of the show know that a lot of alcohol gets tossed around. As a sort of social lubricant, it helps the cast loosen up and certainly plays into how open and inhibition-free certain scenes can get. But that's the first thing to get reigned in. Venteira, who appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, told E! that now there's a limit to just how much each cast member can drink. In fact, the crew is keeping actual tabs on everyone.
"The most significant change was we had a limit on what we could drink," Ventiera said. "We were only allowed two drinks per hour so every hour, we'd have a log and we'd go up there and get two drinks."
And because rumors around Olympios' ability to give consent were what some cited as the reason production shut down back in June, all hookups have to be in front of the camera. No sneaking off, no secret rendezvous and definitely no questions when it comes to yes or no. That sounds like it would get in the way of the chemistry and romance that often sparks between the Bachelor and Bachelorette send-offs, but Ventiera says that's not the case.
"Also, we had to make sure, on camera, that if we wanted to spend the night with a significant other that it would be on camera and consensual," Ventiera told E!. "On-camera consent. As if it's not already awkward that you're on camera hanging out with somebody, now you have to go in front of the camera and look at it and go, I'm willing to go spend the night with this person. It wasn't a buzzkill, but it was a little bit of a speed bump."
Venteira also mentioned that the show's production got cut from an 18-day affair to just 10. While the participants may have felt a bit rushed, Ventiera included, he says that viewers shouldn't notice that big of a difference. That means everything fans have come to expect, like the surprise hookups, morning-after regrets, and stunning Mexican scenery should be present and accounted for.
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