You Can't Run From It: Clowns Are Officially Taking Over Pop Culture

Very few people profess to love clowns, but even those of us who tolerate the allegedly "funny" performers may need to think twice after watching the latest trailer for the new adaptation of It.
For those who somehow wound up on this page after safely avoiding clown-related content all their life, It is an adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name. (A mini-series based on the book was made in 1990, but it doesn't hold up as well as someone who, say, very recently paid $9.99 for it on Amazon would have hoped.) This film version — the first of a reportedly planned two-part series — will focus on the childhood of the main characters, when shape-shifting evil entity "It" first came around their small town. It, however, is probably best known in the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown — and, in the new trailer, Pennywise is not the only clown on the block.
Yep, Pennywise has a squad of face painters to roll with — err, kind of. The 2:09 mark in the new trailer shows Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard entering an attic filled to the brim with a variety of clown dolls, at least one of which is a sentient being. (Come on, I know how horror movies work.)
If you're brave enough, or at least can stomach the maniacal laughter of Bill Skarsgård, who portrays Pennywise in all his evil glory, watch below.
If you're sitting at home thinking that It is the only form of clown media you'll have to avoid this fall, you'd be wrong. American Horror Story's seventh season, Cult, drops on September 5 and in addition to some horrors that will connect to the 2016 presidential election, will also scare its audience with — you guessed it! — a whole bunch of dancing clowns.
That being said, if you can't beat whoever is pushing clowns on us, join them — and maybe go see It in theaters beginning September 8.

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