Simone Biles Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out & Gifted Us With This Hilarious Video

By now we can probably all safely agree that Simone Biles is a gift to humankind. And the Olympic athlete just gave us yet another gift — proof that she really is just like one of us (you know, plus a few gold medals).
Biles took to Twitter on Thursday to share images of herself post-wisdom tooth removal, and a promise of a funny video to come. Let's just say, she definitely delivered.
"Wisdom teeth — gone. At least I get to be home and catch up on some shows," she wrote. "PS, I have a funny video for y'all from this!!!"
Biles posted the video minutes later, and it does not disappoint. In what looks to be an anesthesia-induced fog, she bops her head around and pretends to be driving a vehicle of some sort. It's difficult to make out exactly what she's saying, but whatever it is apparently is hilarious, judging by the laughs that can be heard in the background.
Her video proves something we all should already know, given how many of these post-wisdom tooth removal videos go viral. (Remember that one time two brothers convinced their sister that zombies were real, and after them?) Anesthesia is the great equalizer, and it makes us all do really strange and sometimes, kind of ridiculous things.
So please go out and thank whatever God or Gods you believe in — or just thank science if God(s) aren't your thing — for giving us this precious video. We didn't know we needed to see Simone Biles — Olympic gymnast extraordinaire, Dancing With The Stars alum, and all-around badass human — hopped up on anesthesia, but we clearly did.
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