Simone Biles Tells R29 The One Thing You Don’t Know About Her

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Simone Biles is quite literally the best. Having won gold medals in the team competition, the individual all-around, as well as for vault and floor exercise, she is, in fact, the best female gymnast in the world. Her routines are so perfect that the Olympic commentators in Rio have often been left speechless. Not only is Biles one of the most celebrated athletes of all time, she is also one of the nicest. And she has awesome taste in music. (We love her, can you tell?) Between hanging out with her Final Five teammates, nailing the Biles, and taking selfies with Zac Efron, the impressive Olympian took a moment chat with Refinery29 over the phone from Rio, giving us the scoop on all of her favorite things that don't have to do with leotards. You could practically hear her smiling through the phone as she dished on her favorite shows to binge-watch, which celebrity crush she hopes to meet next, and what she thinks of Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram account. In fact, you might be surprised just how much you have in common with one of the most treasured millennials of our time. Check out our conversation, below. What it was like to actually meet Zac Efron? Do you remember what your first words to him were?
"My first words…oh my gosh! I don’t even know if I said anything. I just started screaming. I was like 'Nooo — how did this [happen]?!' and I just started screaming."

You guys are basically the class couple of the Olympics, I think.
"[Laughs] Thank you!"

Did you guys think of a celebrity nickname? Would you guys be Zimone? Simac?
"No, I think I’ll leave that up to the fans to do that part for us."


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What's your favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix, or what are you binge-watching now?
"Right now... I just started watching Modern Family, and then I am watching One Tree Hill as well." What's your favorite movie of all time?
"My favorite of all time has to be The Other Woman. Or Stick It!" If you could perform a routine to any song, what would it be?
"I really like the song 'Cold Water' by Justin Bieber right now." I saw you Snapchatted that. I am obsessed with that song and I am obsessed with him.
"[Laughs] Yes, we [the Final Five] love him." Are you sad that he deleted his Instagram account?
"I didn’t even notice because I don’t follow him on Instagram, but we love his music." [Ed. note: In hindsight, we should have known that she was a little too busy being a boss in Rio to care about this.]


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What other songs are on your hype playlist?
"We have 'Final Song' [by MØ] we also have some Jake Miller. We have some Selena Gomez, too." Since you have already met Zac Efron, what other celebrities would you be totally starstruck to meet?
"Theo James [from the Divergent series] and the Pretty Little Liars cast. Oh, and Dave Franco. Or Liam Hemsworth."

Can you tell me a little about your partnership with Tide Pods?
"It’s amazing, because the product is small and powerful, and I think that is what I am in gymnastics. People refer to me as that. And everyone loves them!"

What's something about you that would surprise our readers?
"Sometimes I like my alone time, to get to relax in a room by myself and to chill out."

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