Where We Left Off With Every Single Character Returning For Teen Wolf's Final Season

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It's the beginning of the end, Teen Wolf fans. The cult favorite MTV series will officially begin airing its final 10 episodes starting July 30. The trailer promises Teen Wolf season 6B will be a wild ride, as a "Faceless" villain terrorizes Scott McCall's pack, as does a legion of hunters bent on killing every supernatural creature they find.
But, before we get to season 6B, we all need to remember the madness that was season 6A. The 10-episode season saw Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) disappear from memory due to the mysterious Ghost Riders. It was so bad, even Stiles' best friend and Scott (Tyler Posey) couldn't remember his "brother." While every fan can recall that storyline, 6A also involved a werelion, a Phantom train station, ghoulish cowboys, a boy trapped inside of a circuitboard, and not nearly enough lacrosse played to an EDM soundtrack.
To help you remember all the honestly baffling details of Teen Wolf season 6A, we created a handy-dandy refresher course. Click through to find out where we left off with our favorite Beacon Hills denizens, including the many, many beloved characters who are returning for the Jeff Davis-created series' final hurrah.
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Ethan (Charlie Carver)

We haven’t seen Ethan since the season 3 finale, when his twin and fellow alpha werewolf Aiden (Max Carver) was killed by season big bad, the Oni. Although Ethan arrived in Beacon Hills as a big bad himself — as a member of the murderous Alpha Pack — he left as a hero, successfully helping out Scott’s pack and losing his brother in the process. Ethan was dating lacrosse player Danny Mahealani (Keahu Kahuanui) before leaving town. Although Danny liked Ethan, the lax star dumped his supernatural beau because he knew he was a werewolf the entire time and didn’t think he could deal with the drama.

Although Danny isn’t primed to return to Teen Wolf for season 7B, Ethan will be back for an unknown reason. And he’s bringing a friend…
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Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes)

Jackson left Beacon Hills after becoming a kanima for much of season 2, and terrorizing the town while controlled by Matt Daehler (Stephen Ford), and then Argent family patriarch Gerard “It’s Murderin’ Time” Argent. Jackson had to essentially die twice to become a normal werewolf, rather than a creepy weresnake-lizard-thing: once via self-inflicted wounds to save his fellow lacrosse players, and once because his first death didn’t stick, leading Peter (Ian Bohen) and Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) to kill him in self defense. After Jackson’s second death, he transformed into a traditional werewolf. Soon after, he and his parents moved to London, because, you know, A Werewolf In London.

Jackson is coming back from his lengthy trip abroad, flanked by Ethan and looking as classically cocky as ever. It’s unclear how the duo met each other, since they were never in Beacon Hills at the same time. But, we’re not complaining.
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Speaking of Gerard, the elderly badass who won’t die will also return for season 6B, and it seems he’ll be a major adversary. We last saw him in the season 5 finale, when his son Chris Argent (J.R. Booth) and Scott double-crossed the octogenarian while fighting big bad The Beast, who turned out to be an unwitting Mason (Khylin Rhambo).

It looks like Gerard is salty about the old betrayal, as the trailer reveals he’s now leading an army of hunters to kill every werecreature alive, whether or not they’re peaceful.
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Derek Hale

Derek’s portrayer Hoechlin decided to leave Teen Wolf at the end of season 4 to work on other projects, so he was casually written off the series. Although we’ve seen Derek’s girlfriend Braeden (Meagan Tandy) a few times since, the many-abed werewolf has been MIA since 2014.

Thankfully that will change with season 6B, when Derek returns with his low-key best friend Stiles. I did not screech when I saw him in the first season trailer. That would be extra.
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Also, the good news here is that fan-favorite Stiles will actually appear in the final season of the show that made him a star. It’s unknown how many episodes he’ll star in, but any number is welcome. Last season proved just how many the residents of Beacon Hills need Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski, as the power free pack member was kidnapped by the Ghost Riders for most of the time.

Much of season 6A dealt with the rest of Stiles’ friends attempting to remember him, as the Ghost Riders erase everyone they capture from memory. He was finally saved in an elaborate plot, where the four people who love Stiles most — his dad sheriff Noah Stilinski (Linden Ashby), best friend Scott, ex-ish girlfriend Malia (Tate) Hale (Shelley Hennig), and true love Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) — were all forced to remember him in different physically or emotionally painful ways. Stiles was then ripped out of the Phantom Train Station and back to our reality just in time for the final big battle with the Ghost Riders.

Stiles closes out 6A seemingly in a relationship with Lydia, now that the two have both said “I love you” to each other and shared a deeply GIF-able kiss. Stiles is now studying at George Washington University in a pre-FBI program. Despite what I assume should be a rigorous course load, Stiles will be back in Beacon Hills to deal with the final season's chaos.
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Lydia also ends season 6A on her way to college on the East Coast. The banshee is now a junior at MIT, despite the fact she has just graduated from high school. Lydia deserves this kind of prize after spending most of the season desperately trying to remember Stiles, even when everyone else tells her she’s being crazy about someone who doesn’t exist. As usual, Lydia was right.
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Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)

After a very rough season 5, Scott had a relatively easy season 6A, although his best friend was erased from reality. By the finale, the pack leader manages to save all of Beacon Hills with the help of his friends, thwarted a Nazi werelion’s plan, and successfully got into UC Davis to study veterinary science. Scott leaves Beacon Hills in the hands of his beta Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry), but, of course the true alpha is back for the final 10 episodes of his television show. Davis has summer break, right?
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If there’s someone you should actually feel a little sad for in Teen Wolf 6A, it’s Malia, who dated Stiles for most of her time on the show. Despite Stalia’s lengthy relationship, everyone treats Stiles’ connection with Lydia as the end-all, be-all off the missing lacrosse player’s life. At least Malia isn’t too broken up about it, since the werecoyote is the pack’s strongest member, and she's too busy calling her surprise biological father Peter Hale "dad" for the first time.

When Malia and her friends describe their post-high school plans, the young woman confirms she has to go to summer school. Don't cry for Malia just yet, since it looks like things are heating up between her and Scott in 6B.
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As I said earlier, Liam wraps season 6A with the safety of Beacon Hills resting in his claws. Sadly, it looks like his girlfriend Hayden Romero (Victoria Moroles) won’t be there to support him, as E! News confirms the chimera left her man. In actuality, Hayden’s portrayer Moroles simply had scheduling conflicts.
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Mason Hewitt (Khylin Rhambo)

At least Liam will have his BFF Mason by his side for season 6B. Before Stiles leaves Beacon Hills, he gives the similarly power free werewolf sidekick his trusty baseball bat. It’s a very touching passing of the torch, which Mason probably needs at this point. Earlier in the finale episode, the smartie found his boyfriend Corey (Michael Johnston) embedded in a bunch of wires and a circuit board in the Phantom Train Station.

Despite the fact Mason and Corey seemed stronger than ever after the disturbing scene in the train station, it sounds like Mason might have a new love interest...
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Theo Raeken (Cody Christian)

Theo has managed to stay completely unattached since coming to Beacon Hills, but that may be over. The former villain went through a huge transformation in season 6A as he fought with Liam against the Ghost Riders and put his own life on the line, despite his own self-centered instincts. In finale “Riders on the Storm,” Theo even insinuates he’s joined Scott’s pack by showing up at the big final battle against werelion Garrett Douglas (Pete Ploszek) and the Ghost Riders.

Now, Mason’s portrayer Khylin Rhambo is hinting his character and Theo might be getting close this season.
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Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley)

The highlight of season 6A was probably the time Scott's pack chucked a flaming, shirtless Parrish at a Nazi. To explain, the sheriff's deputy, who is a hellhound and therefore constantly burning off his clothing, is under the control of the Ghost Riders or Heir Douglas — who ate the pineal gland of a Ghost Rider and therefore its powers — for much of the season, because that's apparently an ability the Riders have. To protect themselves from Parrish and Douglas during a fight, Scott and Liam throw the mind-controlled hellhound at his master.

Later, Stiles realizes spraying Parrish with a fire extinguisher would likely bring the officer back to himself. It works, and Parrish tells the pack how to foil Douglas' very strange evil plan, which involves a Phantom Train, a train track lever, and a collapsed universe. Since all of that is too bizarre to fully explain, just know Scott eventually pulls the lever, detouring the train, and saving every person in Beacon Hills.
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The Parents

Does Beacon Hills have a new cutest couple? It looks that way, as Scott's mom Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) and the late Allison Argent's (Crystal Reed) dad Chris Argent (JR Bourne) spend most of the season together. After Chris wins a duel with a Ghost Rider, Melissa kisses him, telling the hunter his win was "so hot."

Stiles' dad Noah Stilinski doesn’t close season 6A having nearly as much fun. After being terrorized by the figment of his dead wife Claudia Stilinski (Joey Honsa), whom Sheriff Stilinski created to deal with the trauma of Stiles’ erasure from memory, he’s remembers his son in one of the sweetest moments of the series. In the finale, “Claudia” reappears to try to murder a newly returned Stiles, and Stilinski has to shoot his fake dead wife with a Ghost Rider’s gun as Lydia directs a banshee scream at her.

Man, Teen Wolf is a crazy show.
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