Where We Left Off With Every Single Character Returning For Teen Wolf's Final Season

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
It's the beginning of the end, Teen Wolf fans. The cult favorite MTV series will officially begin airing its final 10 episodes starting July 30. The trailer promises Teen Wolf season 6B will be a wild ride, as a "Faceless" villain terrorizes Scott McCall's pack, as does a legion of hunters bent on killing every supernatural creature they find.
But, before we get to season 6B, we all need to remember the madness that was season 6A. The 10-episode season saw Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) disappear from memory due to the mysterious Ghost Riders. It was so bad, even Stiles' best friend and Scott (Tyler Posey) couldn't remember his "brother." While every fan can recall that storyline, 6A also involved a werelion, a Phantom train station, ghoulish cowboys, a boy trapped inside of a circuitboard, and not nearly enough lacrosse played to an EDM soundtrack.
To help you remember all the honestly baffling details of Teen Wolf season 6A, we created a handy-dandy refresher course. Click through to find out where we left off with our favorite Beacon Hills denizens, including the many, many beloved characters who are returning for the Jeff Davis-created series' final hurrah.
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