Cara Delevingne Is Surprisingly Good At Drawing Nude Portraits

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Cara Delevingne has done some weird stuff while promoting her movie, Valerian. This time, at least, she's gaining a new skill. Delevingne attended a figure drawing class at the New York Academy of Art expecting to draw some fruit, but ended up creating nude portraits.
As part of Vanity Fair's "Derek Does Stuff With A Friend," the host, Derek Blasberg, and Delevingne start off slow, by drawing some still still life. Then, they raise the stakes: a male model comes out and gets naked.
Delevingne is pumped. She had just mentioned that the only thing she draws are penises. "Exactly what I wanted to do!" she laughs.
"If you know me well, you know that if I ever do autographs, I always find my doodles to be penises, like from Superbad," she remarks.
As the lessons progress, there are more and more nude models to draw, and Delevingne takes the challenges head on. Most people would be flustered by the nudity, but she wants to create a beautiful portrait. Finally, the host hops on the platform in a ridiculous nude bodysuit and Delevingne does her best to capture his essence.
All in all, her artwork isn't that bad! With a few more lessons, she could easily start drawing her own modeling portfolio. That'd catch a casting director's eye.
Even if she didn't win them over with her drawings, she certainly did with her personality. Delevingne was super nice to everyone in the classroom and complimented all the models. Perhaps it's because she's had a little experience posing in a room full of people. Being a former Victoria's Secret model probably helps, too.
Delevingne's biggest takeaway? "Art is fun! Everyone can do art!" We second that.
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