Cara Delevingne Nearly Faints From Hot Wings In This Interview

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Cara Delevingne is always down for a challenge. It's that determination that almost caused her to faint in this hot wing challenge by First We Feast from Complex.
The gist of the game is to eat a bunch of hot wings, each coated in hotter and hotter sauces. At first, Delevingne is coasting through and actually enjoying herself. Then, it hits her.
"Are you mad? How do people do that for fun? I'm going to cry," she whimpered.
At this point, there's two hot wings left and although Delevingne is struggling to breathe, she doesn't give up, saying "I can't tap out. I don't tap out of anything," which, by the way, is my new mantra.
She chugged almond milk, but that eventually loses its charm and she moves on to just holding her hand over her mouth like the plague is in the air. Then, the hiccups emerge. Anyone who's dared to take on spice knows that hiccups are an unfortunate, yet adorable side effect.
"What if I eat them both at the same time?" Delevingne challenged. Any other person's question would have been "What if I just get up and leave right now?"
After the second to last wing, she kind of just starts speaking gibberish and struggles to get through the questions (naming celebrity eyebrows). She didn't even recognize her own eyebrows. Only an evil person would get through this video without wanting to rescue Delevingne from this fiery hell. Wait, "Fiery Hell" would be a good hot sauce name.
Then, the final hot sauce. It's Cara v. Chicken Wing. The match of a lifetime. She conquers, but it strikes back for its final revenge. She wavers and, for a second, it looks like she might just fall over. But she doesn't! Delevingne even ends with this joke towards the host, who hasn't even touched his almond milk: "How are your bowels doing?"
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