Charli XCX's Music Video For "Boys" Features All Your Fave Heartthrobs

Photo: Dave Hogan/MTV/Getty Images.
Charli XCX has us thinking about boys! The singer's new music video for the song "Boys" features just about all your favorite guys from across genres.
The catchy song plays over adorable reels of guys messing around. The video starts with Joe Jonas sitting down at a table full of pancakes with flaming birthday candles — talk about yummy. Then, the madness begins!
Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig is casually brushing his teeth. Riz Ahmed has the cutest dance moves. Charlie Puth is washing a car.
Boys are having pillow fights. Boys are cuddling puppies. Boys are eating flowers and getting tattoos. Some of the boys are just standing there, and they're still to die for.
All the while, the video boasts pretty pink backgrounds, sequins, flowers, and confetti. This is definitely what the inside of a boy-crazy brain looks like. The setting and props also combat some ideas of toxic masculinity. Men can like pastels and bubble gum, too!
The best part is probably how diverse all these guys are. Most are musicians, like Brendon Urie, but there's also a few YouTubers and actors thrown in there; Tom Daley makes an appearance, checking off the box for athletes. There are guys of all shapes, sizes, and colors. A couple of these guys are gay, and some are straight. Charli XCX knows that boys of all kinds are beautiful. This one isn't just for the girls. Anyone can enjoy a bunch of cute boys.
Charli XCX, herself, doesn't make an appearance until the end of the video: the last couple of shots are of her directing the guys on set. What can't she do?
If you weren't already in love with some of these boys, you will be now. The music video will have you feeling like you've got a middle school crush, butterflies and all.
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